Monday, 2 May 2016


             A forest on fire
            Is the most terrible sight
            That will haunt one ever after
             As  a dreadful nightmare  !

            It brings untold  sufferings
            To the myriad forms of life
             Ranging from soft  green grass
            To the bushes and tough  tree trunks.

             And host of ants and tiny  insects
           , Bees , butterflies and  birds in nests
              Mammals with new born  offspring
              And even human  beings  close by .
               All are madly   running for life
 .             Here and there in  utter  distress                
              To find  shelter somewhere   in the place
             .That  once had been  their own  safe  home .

             What caused this most terrible  incident
              Is  a question   that troubles  everyone
             Whether it was  nature or some human  being
             That wickedly planned  this criminal  misdoing   .

                 Was it a spark created unawares
                 By some one's  acts of  sheer negligence
                 Or  the result of a  deliberate  offence
                 Planted with some selfish intent ?

                Whatever the  reason be ,  but  now
                 The bitter truth we sadly   realise
                That unable are we  to fight   this  blaze
                 However hard  we go on trying  .

              Hence as the  ultimate   resort  , we all
             Are   turning  for help to  you my lord
             Pray.  save your helpless creatures  soon
             By pouring down your merciful showers  !!!





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  1. Forest fire _-a colossal waste of life with even more disastrous aftermath .