Friday, 29 July 2016

Rain , Rain , Go Away........

      Hey Rain  !  A blessing though we call you
     You  bring  not   the same cheer every time
     Why behave so madly  time and again
     Like an enemy swearing vengeance   ?

      True ,   you arrive with soothing relief
      When the earth is all   dried up and parched
      With its creatures  desperate and famished
      Praying God for mercy all day and night .

     Then you descend from the heaven above
       Like  a shower of  nectar sprinkled all over
     Reviving life in the dying   landscape
     By providing it with the timely succor  .

      But this bonhomie does not last long
      As you shed off your sweet countenance
      And  turn      to be deadly hostile
       Unleashing the fury of a callous  marauder .
        And  start unleashing   havoc all around
         Right from the hills to the deep valleys
         Down the fields damaging rich crops
       Ravaging  human habitations with thick populace .

        With thunderous  cloudburst  and wild torrents
        Submerging   village hamlets with overflowing  rivers
         Blocking highways with frequent landslides
         Collapsing houses burying people alive  .

         Trees , men , animals being drowned
        And carried away  by monstrous waters
        Vehicles with  passengers swept away
        Instead of reaching their destined places .

         All this arrogant show of power
          Is to be condemned and sorely despised
         Hence, please stop this  dance of  death
         Destroying the peace and life on the earth   .

        Enough of  all    frightening  sessions
        Now put an end to  this horrid  nightmare
        And let  normalcy resume its place
        To repair and rebuild the  huge damage .

        Else who will ever welcome  you again
        In this ravaged and lifeless land ?
        And who will need your  blessings even
        If no one is left  alive and survive  ?                  


Wednesday, 27 July 2016



               Gifting his  'Wings of Fire '
              To the generation  ahead
              The angel has taken flight 
              To regions unknown  .

    Standing in front of admiring youths 
  Kindling their minds with light of knowledge-- Inspiring them to dream big , aim high--
And toil tirelessly  to achieve their goals .
 They were listening to him in rapt attention
 As he was to them a living legend 
 object of reverence and  honor utmost 
 Epitome of supreme accomplishments .

             Like a bolt from the blue striking one and all  .
             Alas ! you   left so abruptly
            leaving the nation in a state of shock 
             Made poorer for the  loss of  a  gem .

            Wonder if you were summoned  up there
            To plan  urgently  a divine project  
           Or  had you  yourself needed some  leisure 
           To set a new tune on your favorite Veena  ?

           Simplicity and genius  personified  you were
           Words fall  short to measure your   worth
           Never did  you  take a  day off , it is said  
           As work was to you your religion supreme.

          A scientist  par excellence,  Patriot and saint 
          Role model of the youth , People's President 
          With nation's  highest award  conferred 
          The spectrum of life was just vibrant  !

          So  adieu  !  as you  make exit from here
          To join the ranks of  the immortals   there
          And we shall    look for a new star tonight
         Shining  brilliantly  in the galaxy of the great  .

        For sure , you will get your  pride of place  
       To live with the immortals in peace  and rest
       And we on the earth shall  find  you alive
        In the glorious legacy  you have left behind  .


Friday, 22 July 2016


             I  thought  that my voyage had come to its end at the last limit of my power -that the path before me was closed , that provisions were exhausted and the time had come to take shelter in a silent obscurity .

But I find that thy will knows no end in me  , and when old memories die out on the tongue , new melodies break forth from the heart  ;and where the old tracks are lost , new country is revealed with its wonders .

Gitanjali -- xxxvii

Monday, 11 July 2016

A favourite poem from Gitanjali ----


      In the night  of weariness let me give myself  up  to sleep without struggle
       resting my trust upon thee.
       Let me not force my flagging spirit into a poor preparation for thy worship .
        It is thou who draw the veil of night upon the tired eyes of the day  to renew its sight 
        in a fresher gladness of awakening 

                  RabindranathTagore ------    Gitanjali-- xxv

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Being a Mother

    Motherhood --
  Is it a blessing  or a  challenge
  Or both of them  finely rolled 
  Into a  status unique and strange ?

  A  privilege  granted  by the Supreme Creator
  To all female beings  on the earth 
 Making  them akin  to Nature herself
  The one matriarch of all creatures .

      She who sows the seeds of life 
    All over  the lands and  vast oceans  
   Rendering   this planet  evergreen and rich  
    Pulsating with life and love eternal.

                  And Oh  !   This sweet motherhood bliss  !
                 An emotion bordering on ecstasy 
                Felt  by all having maternal instincts
                 Be they on land or in deep waters  .

                But is this joy an end  in  itself 
                Or a tough challenge in clever disguise?
                Isn't this  the beginning of a long strife 
                Going to last for the whole of life?

                 That begins with raising the tender infants
                   Fast   as they  grow into  playful children 
                  Followed by wayward restless  adolescents                     
                  Till they settle as  seasoned  persons

                Time goes  flying  without your noticing it 
                That they have grown their  wings strong
                And are  anxious to  map   other  heights
                 In distant skies of their own choice.

                Seeing them take their  ambitious flights
                 My heart  does  swell with a queer emotion 
               What shall I call it?   A humble pride?
                 Or a bittersweet award  in sight?

                So what if the nest appears empty  
               It still  is  full of  fond memories 
               And gifts of love and care  do come
                Whenever I feel a need for them.

             Reason  enough to pamper myself 
             That  I   haven't failed to do my bit 
             In carrying forward  the  chain of love
           As the meaning and essence of life forever!