Monday, 25 April 2016

The Good Earth


                                         A  day set apart in the world calendar
                                        In honour and reverence of the great good Earth
                                        Is aptly  in keeping with the need of the hour
                                        And a wisely thought of welcome gesture.

               It's time for us to owed allegiance
              To this benign, yet  silent benefactor
               And express our gratitude, concern and care
                Just as we feel for our own dear mother.

                                                A day not only to observe as a  ritual
                                               But  pledge ourselves to guard her against
                                                The danger of damage and utter  destruction
                                                 Caused by man's insatiable greed.

                High time to think and  reflect again
                that earth's and man's lots are but interlinked
               So let us  stop plundering   her  further
                 Or we will hasten our  own disaster

                                                     That she is not mere soil and sand
                                                     But a  living spirit with  rare virtues
                                                     With  endless patience and forbearance
                                                    Heavenly grace and unique attributes.

              No  less adorable is she than a mother
              That gives us birth and brings us up
              Allows us to  grow and play in her lap
           . And offers firm ground to stand on our legs.

                                                     Now shall we as ungrateful   children
                                                     Neglect, ignore  and damage her being
                                                    Chasing madly our selfish  interests
                                                    Even at the cost of her very existence?

              For millions of years has she sustained
               Rich  sources for all living beings to survive
              Shouldn't  we protect this  precious heritage
                To be inherited by the generations to come !

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