Friday, 20 May 2016

Invoking the Rain gods

Come month of May
And the sultry Summer is here
With   its fire and fury
In full swing

Like the most unwanted guest
It comes  without   invitation
And continues  to overstay
Despite the hosts'  disapproval .

All  equipped with its lethal weapons
Of deadly  sunstroke and killer heat waves
Wrecking havoc on the  land and skies
Whatsoever comes   in its stride

The    landscape all  parched up and dry
Along  with countless thirsty creatures
Is facing death- like conditions for long
And  seeking  a little respite  for all . .

Even the Sun God seems  to support
 This cruel ,  insensible   game  of   power
Or why  is fire being poured from heaven
Turning the earth into a blazing furnace ?

Hence  , Mercy ! Rain Gods ! Have mercy on us
Rush down kindly  in torrents to quell
The sadistic  play of this unkind   season
And  restore cool times  of simple pleasures   !!!

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