Friday, 8 January 2016

The Unusual Home coming

Home  he did come  that ill- fated day                           But in a manner too hard to believe                   Wrapped in the Tricolour solemn and still
 Symbolic of honour  that is but ultimate .
          And truly it has been       
         The most befitting reward
         for a braveheart so  daring
         Who put his life at stake
        To ensure that the nation is safe  !.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Devotion to duty was his prime concern
                Fighting till the end to foil the attack
                Paying  his flesh  and blood as the cost
                 He set  an example of sacrifice supreme  .
                                                                          The strike having been foiled for now
                                                                          The guns are silent  for a while
                                                                          But the sounds of anguish and loss resound
                                                                          Inside and around the home he lived
                                           Which had  hoped he would , some  day
                                          Come back  alive ,secure and gay  .
                                            But instead came the bolt from the blue
                                           And brought him home this gloomy way  !

                                                                      Heaps of flowers and wreaths offered
                                                                      Messages of sorrow and condolence
                                                                      Are but poor solace to the   kins
                                                                       Shattered to the core by the deadly blow  .
.                                         Words and gestures of sympathy
                                           Can hardly lessen the grief profound
                                           And what can ever  compensate  the loss
                                           So intense ,immense   and beyond repair ?
                               The only healing thought is that
                               He died in action for the country's sake
                               And that will  keep his name   alive
                               in our  minds  and  hearts  forever  .

Written as a tribute   to the martyrs of Pathankot  terror attack .

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Musings over a Passing Day

       It's the new year eve
        once again
        And I am happy
       But a little bit pensive too  .
    Silently I hear the clock ticking
  and watch the tiny moments slip from my hands
 as the grains of sand  in the hour glass .
            Time ---the mightiest   Truth
             Subject of eternal search
             wrapped in mysterious mist
             defies all human wisdom
              to define its curious ways  .
 I , too , often wonder
As to how its unseen hands
manage this vast universe
its myriad life forms
and even inanimate  things  .
        Like a traveller ever on move
         It goes on forging ahead
          turning days into months and years-
          centuries and millennia .
On what fateful day of yore
did it start this unique voyage
what undiscovered  continent
is it headed to  ?
And here we are trying
to bound its eternal run
into the frames called tenses
Past ,Present and Future  .
         But where are the lines of  divide
        or do they  at all exist  ?
My mind is dwelling again
on this unsolved riddle -
about the nature of  Time
that seems  beyond  the knowledge
of all the ages  bygone
   as to how its magic wheel
  carries us all  along
through the cycle  of past and present
onto the  future ever unknown .