Monday, 22 May 2017


In the beginning of  creation
When the Earth and the sky 
Had just been brought to existence
And happened to see one another
 First time in the dead of night.

Enchanted by the majestic  show above
The Earth exclaimed in wonder 
'' Oh ! how rich and awesome you are 
With your enormous, vast kingdom 
Bejewelled with  sparkling diamonds
And divinely designed ornaments! ''

The sky as equally  amazed 
At the Earth's brilliant panorama
Was graceful  and royal in  response 
Complimenting the Earth's emotions

'' I may appear charming to you 
But hey beautiful maiden!
You are far more alluring than I
 With your own perfect spectrum 
 Of colours and living creatures

Whereas I am  rather imperfect
With just some shades of blue
And these little bits of silver 
Stuck on me here and there ''

Thus went the dialogue unabated
Each trying to sound more modest
Glorifying the other's merits 
By adding ever new epithets 

Till the night began to recede 
Giving way to golden morning
That made the stars go hiding
To their own secret chambers 

So the duo  as well  agreed
To postpone their secret  meeting
And wait for the night to return
To resume the  sweet talking

It seems that  even to this day 
the rendezvous  continues                    
with no concluding statement
As to who is the better of the two 

But if I were asked to decide 
I would  give equal weight to each 
Since  both of them  look amazing
As complements to one another !

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Those who love the lush green leaves
Forming big canopies on trees 
Must as well adore the  rust brown ones
The pride and glory of departing season 

Painful though, it is  to watch them fall
And being strewn all over by the wind
Look !  they lie scattered around 
Like wounded soldiers on a site of battle

But are they not, like all  of us 
Some of the innumerable characters
In Nature's eternal drama of life 
Moving in the cycle of creation ?

Hence as you walk this side of the road
Step with caution my friends, beware
Lest you should trample on any one of them
Even by mistake or sheer negligence

Believe me, we owe them much gratitude
Since they served us with no selfish intent
So let's be grateful for their priceless gifts 
And pay them in return a humble tribute !

   Picture courtesy-
  Vinesh Poswal
 Been There , Doon That ?

Saturday, 6 May 2017


  Up in the  foothills of majestic mountains  
  Nestled in the ambience of a green woodland
   Stands out a lone , abandoned  house 
   Once the home of happy household

Though  long deserted, its elegance indicates
That it was built with the utmost care
Sure proof of it still standing  straight
Braving  decades of callous neglect

 Despite wearing out each passing season
It tries to hold on the fond memories 
Of the halcyon days of pride and pleasure
Shared with its inmates of bygone years. 

Through the long spell of its  close bonding 
It must have seen life's changing colours
The joyous events of births and weddings
And also dark shadows of painful partings.

The spacious courtyard must have witnessed
 Family gatherings on many occasions
 celebrating festivals with traditional fervour
And  bringing the place alive with cheer 

It must have watched the  family kids 
Growing into teens and ambitious young men
 Then bidding goodbye to this home for good
And  make their way to greener pastures 

Though seemingly  mute and inanimate
This rickety house is keen to narrate
The long and short  of the whole  story
Of which it has been a part  all  along 

If  you have a little patience and leisure.
Stop here for a while and listen
 To the  eventful story it has to share
 Before leaving it again to its own care !!!

   Neha Bora

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

आकाश गंगा


                             आकाश गंगा

दिनभर  की अनथक यात्रा के बाद
जब चला जाता है सूर्य का आलोकरथ
क्षितिज के उस पार
और उतर आती है धरती पर नीरव निशा
अपनी रहस्यमयी श्यामल छवि के साथ 

एक एक कर टिमटिमाने लगते हैं यत्र-तत्र
उज्ज्वल हीरक कणों जैसे तारक गण 
देखते ही देखते जगमगा उठता है गगन
रत्नजड़ित विशालकाय दर्पण के सदृश 

और तब , गहन अन्धकार को भेदती 
प्रकट होती है उस अनंत विस्तार में -
एक छोर से दूसरे छोर तक प्रवहमान 

समाविष्ट किये अपने आँचल में
लक्ष -लक्ष प्रकाशपुंजों का वैभव
अगणित सूर्य ,चन्द्र और नक्षत्रों के विपुल संसार को
 अपने दुर्निवार आकर्षण  की  परिधि में बांध 

बह रही है  अनवरत, कालदेव की सहगामिनी बन
नीले आकाश के हृदयस्थल को सींचती
स्वर्गिक  सौंदर्य की अप्रतिम  ज्योतिरेखा 
 वह स्वयंप्रभा--  आकाशगंगा  !!