Monday, 12 December 2016

ONCE IN A WHILE .........

    It's good  to leave your comfort zone
     Once or more in a while
    And travel to far  off   regions
      To have  feel of life out there

It's  awesome visiting new places
Meeting people with varied cultures
 Hearing queer , unfamiliar  languages
While moving  among total strangers  .

Yet  pleasant it is to find everywhere
The landscape with its usual features
The earth   as the same beautiful being
 Calling you   out from distant spheres .

The sky with the same shade of blue
The sun as bright and dazzling
The moon as placid and calm
The air as cool and  refreshing .

The ever sprightly waves of sea
 Keep calling everyone on the shore
With promises of untold adventure
And pleasure  felt never before  .

The shouts of joy and  merriment
Of those venturing on high   tides
Sound similar in  every language
As emotions   need no  definite words .

Heading homewards at the end of trip
Though tired  , I felt refreshed  n enriched
As the mind was busy replaying all the way
Memories of the wonderful sights  visited .

It's  cool   to be home after much wandering
And witnessing Nature's all- pervading powers ,
Its  amazing beauty and sheer benevolence
That's all- embracing and everlasting