Sunday, 25 September 2016



    Here I am again to sing a prayer
    Invoking the gracious gods above
    To bless this beautiful earth of ours 
    With unconditional peace and love

    I'll pray there be peace  all around 
    In its skies and ethereal space 
    On its vast lands and in deep oceans
    With their myriad forms of creatures.

    May it exist among animals and birds 
   Trees and herbs and  gentle creepers 
    May it pervade the whole universe
          And help its inmates to survive and flourish 

            But above all things here mentioned
            May it  settle deep in the mind of Man
            Making him aware of its supreme value 
            That's fountain-head of true happiness .

            I know that in these tumultuous times
            Songs of peace may not sound relevant
            But to my mind, love and harmony 
            Never can be redundant or untoward.

           Hence I am keen to celebrate this day
          To promote  everlasting peace in the world
           Join me if you  too like this campaign 
          And together shall we pledge to carry it on.


Monday, 19 September 2016


                                Uri  Terror Strike--- Monday, Sept  19 /16

     Yet another bloody episode in the nasty drama being directed from across the border ---
     Waves of shock, sorrow and anger running through the length and breadth of the country.

     What a heinous and dastardly act to target soldiers in their sleep!
     No words are hard enough to deplore and condemn  this cowardly  action

     All that can be said is -------    
        May the martyrs' soul rest in peace and the perpetrators of such insane crimes be cursed and damned forever!


Monday, 5 September 2016

My First Teachers

                                           ON THE TEACHERS' DAY

        Here are these few roses
        To honour my first teachers 
        Who taught me even before 
           I was able to understand

       My mother  who was second --
       To none but   Nature herself 
    Teaching me to express my need         By just a few gestures.

      And   show my  infant  emotions 
      Through strange  but  cute  movements
      Sometimes through  sweet smiles 
      Sometimes  with cries  and  tears 

      And who could  read my mind 
      Without  my uttering a word
      And sense my  humblest  need 
      As if it were her own.

      My Father, who helped me enter
     The  world of  books and knowledge 
     Starting with the first alphabet 
     Introduced me to all the thre Rs 

    Having  made  me familiar with  basics 
    Of   letters and  numbers and manners
   He took me by hand one  morning  
   And led me to a formal school.

    And that was the start of schooling
    But  not the end of  their role 
     As my standing mentors  
     In the event of  tough trials .

   Till the close  of their  own existence
    They  enriched  my mind and heart
   With precious pearls of  wisdom 
   Gathered  in their journey of life.

   These  gems of wisdom and  values
   I   treasure  as    priceless assets 
  That I'll protect and uphold always  
   As long as this life permits.

  For though the teachers may cease to exist 
  The legacies they  leave   live  on
 And keep on growing with  time
 To benefit generations to come.