Sunday, 19 February 2017



      Marching  slowly towards the western horizon
      The sun goes to plunge  behind the hills over there 
      As if exhausted by the day-long travel 
      Traversing the sky from one end to the other .

        Wonder if it goes there to rest for a while
        In the cool comfort of its secret abode 
        Or just to take on a different route
        Leading to another side of the globe 

       Here all bedecked with starry jewels
       The Evening descends as a shy maiden 
       Painting the sky with a curious mixture
       Of myriad shades of red and saffron  

       The sky is dotted from end to end 
        With flocks of nest-bound  desperate birds
        Fluttering their wings , making maddening noise 
        Anxious to reach their night shelters .\

          The sun having gone  far out of sight ,
           The moon yet to make its appearance in the east 
          The stars in multitudes begin twinkling
          To ensure that the light isn't out for ever .

           And the world retires in peaceful slumber 
           Resting its trust upon God and Nature  
            That the Sun shall rise again for sure  
            Soon after the night has had its tenure  .


          P.C.-- HIMANI ARORA