Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A trip to the wonderland


        Hey !   you happy riders !
      All set for an adventure trip  ?
      Won't you please take me along
     Or just share  as to whither
      You go galloping today ?

''  Up the hills and down to the vales
Across  the streams and rivers on the way
 Through green meadows into the dark woodland      Home of strange .animals and birds  .

Excited  are we  to seek  those caves
 Where Mowgli, the jungle boy  once  lived
  Within a  family of wolves  as a child
And moved in the forest with deadly animals.

Panthers  and tigers and mischievous monkeys
Bears, squirrels, pythons and snakes .
 Would like to see if they can really be friends
Or how could he spend his childhood there!

 we plan to go on  even  farther
As the horizon keeps calling for ever
And we  as well  are  keen to  find
If a fairyland does exist somewhere.

With all its glorious magic castles
 Hidden in  the midst of thick  green trees
Laden with flowers and luscious fruits
Such as we have never seen and tasted!

Maybe there is a demon   too
That has made the fairies captive
Sure, we  shall fight and scare him away
And set the good fairies all free!

And then we'll hurry  again homewards
Before the sun  goes behind the  hills
Oh  how exciting it will be to narrate
All these stories to mom and dad ! ''



  1. Children are fun loving by their very nature , love exploring the unknown and find pleasure in outdoor excursions .These cute kids are out on an adventure cum pleasure trip , anyone interested in joining the explorers ?

  2. I surely will read this out to my kiddos :) am sure they will love it

  3. बहुत ही भावपूर्ण कविता है।