Monday, 25 April 2016

The Good Earth


            A  day set apart in the world calendar
              In honour and reverence of the great good Earth
              Is aptly  in keeping with the need of the hour
              And a wisely thought of welcome gesture.

               It's time for us to owe allegiance
              To this benign, yet  silent benefactor
               And express our gratitude, concern and care
                Just as we feel for our own dear mother.

               A day not only to observe as a  ritual
               But  pledge ourselves to guard her against
               The danger of damage and utter  destruction
                Caused by man's insatiable greed  .

                High time to think and  reflect again
                  That the earth's and man's lot are  but interlinked
               So let's  stop plundering   her  further
                Or we will hasten   our own sad doom.

               That she is not merely soil and sand
                But a  living spirit with    rare   virtues
                Having   endless patience and forbearance
                Heavenly grace and unique attributes  .

              No  less adorable is she than a mother
              That gives us birth and brings us up
              Allows us to  grow and play in her lap
           . And offers firm ground to stand on our legs.

              Now shall we as ungrateful   children
              Neglect, ignore  and damage her   being
               Chasing madly our selfish  interests
               Even at the cost of her very existence?

              For millions of years has nature sustained
              Life  on this amazing   planet of ours
             Shouldn't  we protect its  unique  character
              As a precious heritage for coming generations?

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Victory to Thee , My Beloved Mother !

    She  is a  Mother
       Yes, she is.By any definition.
  As she has given us birth
Nourished, nurtured, and enabled us,;
 To live this beautiful life  .

Though not visible  in flesh and blood
She is a unique,  immortal spirit
Conceived in minds and hearts,  deep down
A sacred  entity in herself
To be felt,  adored and glorified,
      She is known as the land of birth
               The Motherland

The proud   mother of millions of  children
Of varied merits and  ambitions
Hailing  from different  backgrounds
With  diverse  emotional  and  mental makeup,

There are people with seasoned thinking
and also immature and devoid of reason
Adamant at raising voices of dissent
Only to feed their selfish intentions.

But this  supreme, magnanimous mother
Embraces them all with equal love
And doles out her gifts to all  of them
Regardless of class, colour and creed.

Whether  they be loyal, sensible, grateful
Or most  arrogant selfish and rude
She is to them ever loving and kind
 Who never gets upset or unduly annoyed

 For, sure she believes  and rightly so
That a mother should behave as a mother always
And let the children decide for themselves
Whether to be grateful or else , otherwise

So what if you sing not her praise aloud
Or even refuse  to pronounce her  name ?
Over and above these rituals she stands
Intact is her glory, uphold it or not  .

Thursday, 7 April 2016

अथ स्वागतम ! शुभ स्वागतम !

पहनकर बहुरंगी  परिधान
 धरा करती  किसका आह्वान ?

भ्रमर लाये किसका संदेश
तितलियां  देतीं  क्या निर्देश ?

सुरभि आप्लावित  वातावरण
दे  रहा  किसको आमंत्रण ?

पवन की गति होती क्यो मंद
कर  रहा       बोझिल  क्या मकरंद ?
  पत्र पुष्पों   की बंदन वार
 लगी क्यो वन उपवन के द्वार ?

कोकिला ले कर पंचम तान
कर  रही किसका गौरव गान ?

पाँवों    से सिर तक खिला पलाश
छलकता किसके प्रति उल्लास ?

किसलिए बौराया  है आम
कर रहा झुक-झुक  किसे  प्रणाम ?

छा रहा चहु दिशि  नव जीवन
भला किसका यह अभिनंदन ?

अतिथि वह कौन अनूप विशिष्ट
स्वयम वसुधा सुंदरि  का इष्ट  ,

 व्यक्त करने आदर  , अनुराग
 बिछाया पथ  पर  राग पराग

   हुआ  मन  भी   वासंती  आज
   आ गये   सचमुच  क्या ऋतुराज ?