Monday, 12 December 2016

ONCE IN A WHILE .........

    It's good  to leave your comfort zone
     Once or more in a while
    And travel to far  off   regions
      To have the feel of life out there

It's  awesome visiting new places
Meeting people with varied cultures
 Hearing queer, unfamiliar  languages
While moving among total strangers.

Yet  pleasant it is to find everywhere
The landscape with its usual features
The earth   as the same beautiful being
 Calling you out from distant spheres.

The sky with the same shade of blue
The sun as bright and dazzling
The moon as placid and calm
The air as cool and refreshing.

The  sprightly waves of the sea
  Calling everyone on the shore
With promises of untold adventure
And pleasure felt never before.

The shouts of joy and  merriment
Of those venturing on tides

Sound similar in  every language

As emotions are just spontaneous

Heading homewards at the end of the trip
Though tired, I felt refreshed  n enriched
As the mind was busy replaying
Memories of the wonderful sights .

It's  cool   to be home after much wandering
And witnessing Nature's all-pervading powers,
Its  amazing beauty and sheer benevolence
That's all-embracing and everlasting .

Monday, 3 October 2016

Peace ---


    She is  truly  a beauteous being 
    With a sweet countenance and .spirit 
     Calm and composed and ever so genial
     Doling out  freely  her  all-embracing love 

     When she is around  you feel secure
      Fearless, comforted and  truly blessed
     With God and Nature providing  you with all 
    To live and prosper with  full contentment

     You may think that she is someone
     Sought after by all and immensely loved 
      As no one can wish to live  in unrest 
      By choosing a life of hateful venture 

     It's  strange enough but sadly true 
     That there are some who do detest her
     And swear to uproot her very existence
     By nasty weapons of violence and terror.

     But I know that this ugly warfare
      Is not going to last for long 
      As forces of  humanity across the world
       Are  up in unison to end this evil.

       And surely, soon  shall Peace prevail 
       With goodwill for all as its core concern 
       As  she alone can  save   mankind 
         Ensuring its perfect wellbeing.


Sunday, 25 September 2016



    Here I am again to sing a prayer
    Invoking the gracious gods above
    To bless this beautiful earth of ours 
    With unconditional peace and love

    I'll pray there be peace  all around 
    In its skies and ethereal space 
    On its vast lands and in deep oceans
    With their myriad forms of creatures.

    May it exist among animals and birds 
   Trees and herbs and  gentle creepers 
    May it pervade the whole universe
          And help its inmates to survive and flourish 

            But above all things here mentioned
            May it  settle deep in the mind of Man
            Making him aware of its supreme value 
            That's fountain-head of true happiness .

            I know that in these tumultuous times
            Songs of peace may not sound relevant
            But to my mind, love and harmony 
            Never can be redundant or untoward.

           Hence I am keen to celebrate this day
          To promote  everlasting peace in the world
           Join me if you  too like this campaign 
          And together shall we pledge to carry it on.


Monday, 19 September 2016


                                Uri  Terror Strike--- Monday, Sept  19 /16

     Yet another bloody episode in the nasty drama being directed from across the border ---
     Waves of shock, sorrow and anger running through the length and breadth of the country.

     What a heinous and dastardly act to target soldiers in their sleep!
     No words are hard enough to deplore and condemn  this cowardly  action

     All that can be said is -------    
        May the martyrs' soul rest in peace and the perpetrators of such insane crimes be cursed and damned forever!


Monday, 5 September 2016

My First Teachers

                                           ON THE TEACHERS' DAY

        Here are these few roses
        To honour my first teachers 
        Who taught me even before 
           I was able to understand

       My mother  who was second --
       To none but   Nature herself 
    Teaching me to express my need         By just a few gestures.

      And   show my  infant  emotions 
      Through strange  but  cute  movements
      Sometimes through  sweet smiles 
      Sometimes  with cries  and  tears 

      And who could  read my mind 
      Without  my uttering a word
      And sense my  humblest  need 
      As if it were her own.

      My Father, who helped me enter
     The  world of  books and knowledge 
     Starting with the first alphabet 
     Introduced me to all the thre Rs 

    Having  made  me familiar with  basics 
    Of   letters and  numbers and manners
   He took me by hand one  morning  
   And led me to a formal school.

    And that was the start of schooling
    But  not the end of  their role 
     As my standing mentors  
     In the event of  tough trials .

   Till the close  of their  own existence
    They  enriched  my mind and heart
   With precious pearls of  wisdom 
   Gathered  in their journey of life.

   These  gems of wisdom and  values
   I   treasure  as    priceless assets 
  That I'll protect and uphold always  
   As long as this life permits.

  For though the teachers may cease to exist 
  The legacies they  leave   live  on
 And keep on growing with  time
 To benefit generations to come.




Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ode to the Holy Ganga

       Hail to you, O holy  Ganga  -
       Merely a river you never have been 
       Darling daughter of the mighty Himalaya
      And a doting mother to countless children

  How you descend from   heavenly heights
   Like a sportive, lively  young girl 
   Out on  a delightful adventure spree
  Ever in search of fun and pleasure.

   From your snow-capped pristine abode
   You rush  out carving your own free  route
  Skipping gleefully on mountainous  rocks 
 Jumping daringly into dangerous ravines.

  Traversing   through thick alpine forests
 And rough, unfriendly,  tough terrains
   Emerging cheerfully safe out  again
   Filling  the environs  with innocent laughter 


  The childlike  mirth and merry movement
Slowly  gives way to  mature   gestures
When as  a lady of elegance and grace 
 You enter new regions of plain landscapes.


And thus you continue your eventful journey
Of more than a thousand miles to cover 
With grace and charm and elegance you flow.
Before final  plunge into the great ocean 

All along this long trajectory
You dole out your gifts to all liberally 
Millions of life forms living on the banks 
Benefiting even those who are out of the scene. 

 Since  time immemorial   in the remote past 
You have been nurturing this land of ours
Making it beautiful, civilised  and  rich 
With treasures of great spiritual wealth.

I  bow to you,  O gracious Goddess 
With  deep reverence and gratitude 
Pray go on blessing  us  with your  kind  favours         
As you have been doing for countless ages.



Friday, 29 July 2016

Rain , Rain , Go Away........

      Hey Rain!  A blessing though we call you
     You  bring  not   the same cheer every time
     Why behave so madly  time and again
     Like an enemy swearing vengeance?

      True, you arrive with soothing relief
      When the earth is all   dried up and parched
      With its creatures  desperate and famished
      Praying God for mercy all day and night.

     Then you descend from the heaven above
       Like  a shower of  nectar sprinkled all over
     Reviving life in the dying   landscape
     By providing it with the timely succour.

      But this bonhomie does not last long
      As you shed off your sweet countenance
      And  turn      to be deadly hostile
       Unleashing the fury of a callous marauder.
        And  start unleashing   havoc all around
         Right from the hills to the deep valleys
         Down the fields damaging rich crops
       Ravaging human habitations with thick populace .

        With thunderous  cloudburst  and wild torrents
        Submerging   village hamlets with overflowing  rivers
         Blocking highways with frequent landslides
         Collapsing houses burying people alive.

         Trees, men, animals being drowned
        And carried away  by monstrous waters
        Vehicles with  passengers swept away
        Instead of reaching their destined places.

         All this arrogant show of power
          Is to be condemned and sorely despised
         Hence, please stop this  dance of  death
         Destroying the peace and life on the earth.

        Enough of  all    frightening  sessions
        Now put an end to  this horrid  nightmare
        And let  normalcy resume its place
        To repair and rebuild the huge damage.

        Else who will ever welcome  you again
        In this ravaged and lifeless land?
        And who will need your  blessings even
        If no one is left alive to survive?                


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Saintly Scientist


               Gifting his  'Wings of Fire '
              To the generation  ahead
              The angel has taken flight 
              To regions unknown.

    Standing in front of admiring youths 
  Kindling their minds with the light of knowledge-- Inspiring them to dream big, aim high--
And toil tirelessly to achieve their goals.
  In rapt attention they were listening to him
 As he was to them a living legend 
 The object of  utmost honour 
 An epitome of  accomplishments.

             Like a bolt from the blue  to one and all.
             Alas ! you   left so abruptly
            leaving the nation in a state of shock 
             Made poorer for the loss of a gem.

            Wonder if you were summoned  up there
            To plan  urgently  a divine project  
           Or  had you  yourself needed some  leisure 
           To set a new tune on your  favourite Veena !

           Simplicity and genius  personified  
           Words fall  short to measure your worth
           Never did  you  take a  day off, it is said  
           As work  to you was your religion supreme.

          A scientist  par excellence, patriot and saint 
          Role model of the youth, People's President 
          With nation's  highest award  conferred 
            Your spectrum of life was just perfect !

          So  adieu  !  as you  make exit from here
          To join the ranks of  the immortals   there
          And we shall  look for a new star tonight
          Adding brilliance to the galaxy of the great.

        For sure, you will get your  pride of place  
       To live with the immortals in peace  
       And we on the earth shall find you alive
       In the glorious legacy, you have left behind.


Friday, 22 July 2016


             I  thought  that my voyage had come to its end at the last limit of my power -that the path before me was closed , that provisions were exhausted and the time had come to take shelter in a silent obscurity .

But I find that thy will knows no end in me  , and when old memories die out on the tongue , new melodies break forth from the heart  ;and where the old tracks are lost , new country is revealed with its wonders .

Gitanjali -- xxxvii

Monday, 11 July 2016

A favourite poem from Gitanjali ----


      In the night  of weariness let me give myself  up  to sleep without struggle
       resting my trust upon thee.
       Let me not force my flagging spirit into a poor preparation for thy worship .
        It is thou who draw the veil of night upon the tired eyes of the day  to renew its sight 
        in a fresher gladness of awakening 

                  RabindranathTagore ------    Gitanjali-- xxv

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Being a Mother

    Motherhood --
  Is it a blessing  or a  challenge
  Or both of them  finely rolled 
  Into a  status unique and strange ?

  A  privilege  granted  by the Supreme Creator
  To all female beings  on the earth 
 Making  them akin  to Nature herself
  The one matriarch of all creatures.

      She who sows the seeds of life 
    All over  the lands and  vast oceans  
   Rendering   this planet  evergreen and rich  
    Pulsating with life and love eternal.

                  And Oh  !   This sweet motherhood bliss!
                 An emotion bordering on ecstasy 
                Felt  by all having maternal instincts
                 Be they humans ,animals or birds .

                But is this joy an end  in  itself 
                Or a tough challenge in clever disguise?
                Isn't this  the beginning of a long strife 
                Going to last for the whole of life?

                 That begins with raising the tender infants
                   Fast   as they  grow into  playful children 
                  Followed by wayward restless  adolescents                     
                  Till they settle as seasoned adults. 

                Time goes  flying  without your noticing it 
                That they have grown their own wings 
                And are  anxious to  map   other  heights
                 In distant skies of their  sweet choice.

                Seeing them take their  ambitious flights
                 My heart  does  swell with a queer emotion 
               What shall I call it?   A humble pride?
                Or a change  to accept without question ?

                But what if the nest appears empty  
               It still  is  full of  fond memories 
               And gifts of love and care do come
                Whenever I feel a need for them.

             Reason  enough to pamper myself
             That  I haven't failed to do my bit 
             In carrying forward maternal love and care
             As the meaning and essence of life forever!


Monday, 20 June 2016

On Father's Day ----- A Monologue

   Father !    Can you hear me?
       I wish to  speak   to you
       If only you could answer
       And tell me that you do.

      How blessed would I feel
     Once again  your voice to hear
     And rush to you as a child
       Lost in a crowded fair.

    I know it's wishful dreaming
    To seek your presence around
     As having left this world for once
     Has anyone ever returned?

     But the memories refuse to die
     Living so deep in the heart
    And appear on the surface often
     Like scenes on a  movie screen.

     And what can ever silence
     The voice of  precious  wisdom
     You pronounced from time to time
      Guiding me through the life .

      Let me tell  you once  again
     That  I try to follow the path
     You showed me  early in life
      Hoping I will never deviate.

      I  hardly know   other ways
      To honour your  memories
       But  keep your life in mind
       And do what you  always cherished

      Could you hear me, dear  Father?
       Please speak,  and even if you don't
       I will presume that sure you did
       And blessed  me  in sweet  silence
       As always you have done !

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Endlessly Enchanting ---- A Waterfall in the valley

      Behold the scenic grandeur
      The amazing  waterfall creates
      Rushing down from celestial     heights
     Like a stream of milky nectar

   Emerging from secret springs
   Hidden in the heart of hills
  It brings abounding succour
 To the valley year after year

For the flowers that bloom unbidden
In countless  forms and colours
Lending this rainbow   glory
And pride to thebeautiful valley.

Since  the eyes refuse to  move
Away from this rapturous  view
Save it  in the  memory   pages
As a joy to last forever.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Valley of Flowers ------- A snapshot

   Right in the lap of hills
With snow-capped peaks  on the back
Blooms this alluring garden  
As a unique gift of nature
The mystique of flowery abundance
 Wraps the landscape in a charm
With colours fascinating and bright
And fragrance as a healing balm

Nurtured by milky waters
Emanating  from  mountain springs
The flowers bloom unbidden
Creating this magical ambience.

 Who is the  kind  caretaker
Of this   Eden on the earth,
Has anyone ever  seen him
Engaged in his sweet labour?      

Well, he may not be visible
But one can feel   his presence
Imprinted  inch by inch
On this wondrous expanse.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Valley of Flowers ------ Nature's own favoured garden

From behind the dark blue hills
The Sun, like a king in golden armour
Moves  majestically upward in the sky      
Shooting its  beams of light
Down to  the  farthest corner

The dazzling   rays  come descending
Gracefully on the flowery carpet
Cautious enough not to trample --
On even the humblest flower.

The sky all aglow and crimson
With gold and silver  linings
Emanates  heavenly grandeur
Complementing  the earth's splendour

And  in the heart of this royal   ambience
Like a precious jewel  in the crown
Is lying this  blissful expanse
Famed  as the Valley of Flowers


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Children on the beach

      Children ! how happy you are 
       Playing on the beach in pure merriment
       Leaving behind all  past regrets 
       And worries of tomorrows to come 

       Artfully  you  build  these sand castles 
        With  utmost skill and   care  
       Decorating them  with  seashells
    Gathered from here and there.

       Little do you seem to  be bothered 
 When  time and again mischievous waves 
       Rush shoreward all so suddenly 
       And wash everything away unawares.

    Instead of giving up your  playful gesture
     Or  crying over the lost structures
      You begin to build  all over  again
       As if it were  part of the venture.

      Watching  intently from nearby
      I can't but praise your sheer  wisdom
     That helps you  maintain  your firm  resolve
     Of never yielding before any hurdle.

      And wish we grown ups too could have
      Such spirited and  balanced  attitude
     To meet   life's   all  odd  challenges
      With playful but persistent moves.   .

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A trip to the wonderland


        Hey !   you happy riders !
      All set for an adventure trip  ?
      Won't you please take me along
     Or just share  as to whither
      You go galloping today ?

''  Up the hills and down to the vales
Across  the streams and rivers on the way
 Through green meadows into the dark woodland      Home of strange .animals and birds  .

Excited  are we  to seek  those caves
 Where Mowgli, the jungle boy  once  lived
  Within a  family of wolves  as a child
And moved in the forest with deadly animals.

Panthers  and tigers and mischievous monkeys
Bears, squirrels, pythons and snakes .
 Would like to see if they can really be friends
Or how could he spend his childhood there!

 we plan to go on  even  farther
As the horizon keeps calling for ever
And we  as well  are  keen to  find
If a fairyland does exist somewhere.

With all its glorious magic castles
 Hidden in  the midst of thick  green trees
Laden with flowers and luscious fruits
Such as we have never seen and tasted!

Maybe there is a demon   too
That has made the fairies captive
Sure, we  shall fight and scare him away
And set the good fairies all free!

And then we'll hurry  again homewards
Before the sun  goes behind the  hills
Oh  how exciting it will be to narrate
All these stories to mom and dad ! ''


Friday, 20 May 2016

Invoking the Rain gods

Come the month of May
And the sultry Summer is here
With   its fire and fury
In full swing

Like the most unwanted guest
It comes  without   invitation
And continues  to overstay
Despite the hosts' disapproval.

All  equipped with its lethal weapons
Of deadly  sunstroke and killer heat waves
Wreaking havoc on the  land and skies
Whatsoever comes   in its stride

The    landscape all  parched up and dry
Along  with countless thirsty creatures
Is facing death- like conditions for long
And seeking a little respite for all.

Even the Sun God seems  to support
 This cruel, insensible   game  of   power
Or why  is fire being poured from heaven
Turning the earth into a blazing furnace ?

Hence, Mercy ! Rain Gods ! Have mercy on us
Rush down kindly  in torrents to quell
The sadistic  play of this unkind   season
And restore cool times of simple pleasures   !!!

Monday, 2 May 2016


             A forest on fire
            Is the most terrible sight
            That will haunt one ever after
             As a dreadful nightmare  !

            It brings untold  sufferings
            To the myriad forms of life
             Ranging from soft  green grass
            To the bushes and tough tree lines

             And a host of ants and tiny  insects
           , Bees, butterflies and  birds in nests
             Mammals with newborn  offsprings
             And even human beings living close by.

               All are  seen  madly running for life 
 .             Here and there in  utter  distress                                                                                  To find  shelter somewhere  in the jungle
             .That once had been their own safe shelter .

             What caused this most terrible happening
              Is  a question   that troubles  everyone
             Whether it was  nature or some human  being
             That wickedly planned this criminal misdoing   .

                 Was it a spark created unawares
                 By some one's  acts of  sheer negligence
                 Or  the result of a  deliberate  offence
                 Planned cunningly with some selfish intent ?

                Whatever the  reason be, but  now
                 The bitter truth we sadly   realise
                That unable are we  to fight   this  blaze
                 However hard we go on trying.

              Hence as the  ultimate resort, we all
             Are turning for help to the kind rain gods
             Pray.  save your helpless creatures  soon
             By pouring down your merciful showers  !!!





Monday, 25 April 2016

The Good Earth


                                         A  day set apart in the world calendar
                                          In honour  of the great good Earth
                                        Is aptly  in keeping with the need of the hour
                                        And a wisely thought of welcome gesture.

               It's time for us to owe  allegiance
               To this benign, yet  silent benefactor
               And express our gratitude, concern and care
               Just as we  do  to our own dear mother.

                                                A day not only to observe as a  ritual
                                               But  pledge ourselves to guard her against
                                               The danger of damage and utter  destruction
                                                Caused by man's insatiable greed.

                High time to think and  reflect again
                That the earth's and man's lots are interlinked
                So let us  stop plundering  her any more
                 Or we will hasten our  own disaster

                                                     That she is not mere soil and sand
                                      .              But a  living spirit with  rare virtues
                                                     With  endless patience and forbearance
                                                    Heavenly grace and unique attributes.

              No  less adorable is she than a mother
              That gives us birth and brings us up
              Allows us to  grow and play in her lap
           . And offers firm ground to stand on our feet

                                                     Now shall we as ungrateful   children
                                                     Neglect, ignore  and damage her being
                                                      Chasing madly our selfish  interests
                                                      Putting in danger  her very existence?

              For millions of years has she sustained
               Rich sources  for all of us  to survive
              Shouldn't  we protect this  precious heritage
              To be inherited by the generations to come ?

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Victory to Thee , My Beloved Mother !

    She  is a  Mother
    Yes, she is. By any definition.
  As she has given us birth
Nourished, nurtured, and enabled us,;
 To live this beautiful life.

Though not visible  in flesh and blood
She is a unique,  immortal spirit
Conceived in minds and hearts,  deep down
A sacred  entity in herself
To be felt,  adored and glorified,
      She is known as the land of birth
               The Motherland

The proud mother of millions
Of varied merits and  ambitions
Hailing  from different  backgrounds
With  diverse mindsets and emotion

There are people with seasoned thinking
and also immature and devoid of reason
Adamant at raising voices of dissent
Only to feed their selfish intentions.

But this magnanimous mother
Embraces them all with equal love
And doles out her gifts to all  of them
Regardless of class, colour and creed.

Whether they be loyal, sensible, grateful
Or most  arrogant selfish and rude
She is to them ever loving and kind
Who never gets  unduly annoyed

 For, sure she believes  and rightly so
That a mother should behave as a mother always
And let the children decide for themselves
Whether to be grateful or else, otherwise

So what if you sing not her praise aloud
Or even refuse to pronounce her name?
Over and above these rituals she stands
Intact is her glory, you uphold it or not.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

अथ स्वागतम ! शुभ स्वागतम !

पहनकर बहुरंगी  परिधान
 धरा करती  किसका आह्वान ?

भ्रमर लाये किसका संदेश
तितलियां  देतीं  क्या निर्देश ?

सुरभि आप्लावित  वातावरण
दे  रहा  किसको आमंत्रण ?

पवन की गति होती क्यो मंद
कर  रहा       बोझिल  क्या मकरंद ?
  पत्र पुष्पों   की बंदन वार
 लगी क्यो वन उपवन के द्वार ?

कोकिला ले कर पंचम तान
कर  रही किसका गौरव गान ?

पाँवों    से सिर तक खिला पलाश
छलकता किसके प्रति उल्लास ?

किसलिए बौराया  है आम
कर रहा झुक-झुक  किसे  प्रणाम ?

छा रहा चहु दिशि  नव जीवन
भला किसका यह अभिनंदन ?

अतिथि वह कौन अनूप विशिष्ट
स्वयम वसुधा सुंदरि  का इष्ट  ,

 व्यक्त करने आदर  , अनुराग
 बिछाया पथ  पर  राग पराग

   हुआ  मन  भी   वासंती  आज
   आ गये   सचमुच  क्या ऋतुराज ?


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

                                        The Feathered Wonders

               These  wondrous creatures
               with beautiful  plumes
               Painted   meticulously
               On the boundless canvas
               of the earth and sky

               Models of Nature's perfect art
               source of delight and wonderment
               Emanating pleasure with their beauty                          All around them ,  perpetually  . .

               As if  deeply dipped in  paint
               Prepared in Nature's own secret vault
               Vibrant and glowing and vividly rich
               As rainbows in their unique  splendor
                And equally blessed do they sound
                With voices varied , alluring and sweet
                Chitter, chatter, chirrup, and peep
                Warble  and  coo  in melodious tweet .
                 Who but Nature is the super artist
                 That ordained this inimitable blend
                of colors, sounds, mirth and movement
                And put it all in these tiny creatures ?
                Oh how I wish to borrow and feel
                A  little of this enviable grace
                Though , for a short and transient phase
                 It would still be an immense bliss !


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Patriotism --- Is it an out dated word ?

Breathes  there the man with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said
This is my own my native land!
                                                    Sir  Walter Scott ---- 1771-1872

Wonder why I begin with these queer and curt lines written by a poet from the 18th century in a far-off foreign land ? The poem learnt long back in the school days, has suddenly surfaced itself from the pages of memory onto the present scenario, and is compelling me to pen down my own adherence to it.
    In the first place, I wish to reaffirm the well-established truth that the love and concern of people for their homeland is an almost universal phenomenon.  It is undoubtedly, an inborn, natural feeling of belonging, leading to the unquestionable love for the land of one's birth, that further culminates in a sense of pride in it. The curious blending of these fine feelings can be summed up in a peculiar word called Patriotism.
         The word has such a magic about it that poets all over the world have found it the most favourite subject for their writings. Some of these creations have become immortal in their universal appeal and relevance, like the one quoted here.
                    In  view of the situation prevailing in the country, the   musing of  an immortal bard from a foreign land in the distant past, seems absolutely relevant even today, that one who does not love his native land and indulges himself in activities against its interest  , - by word or deed , -directly or indirectly  ,must be one with 'a soul so dead ' that this soulless person will forfeit all his honor despite owning high  titles ,power  and riches He will spend a worthless life and   at the end of it----

                              doubly dying shall go down
                               to the vile dust  from whence, he sprung
                                   unwept, unhonored, and unsung.


Monday, 22 February 2016


I saw him fight  that night
Not against an enemy at the front 
But a few unreasonable minds
Bent upon degrading
Things and values
He held uppermost

As the love of nation was being termed 
'Forced nationalism '
And shouting abusive slogans
Against one's own  motherland
Was being justified
In the name of freedom
Of expression.

Even the emblem of national honour
The Tricolor 
Was made a topic of heated debate.

And  the veteran soldier's heart 
Could no longer contain 
His sorely injured feelings
 At the most unsavoury  reasoning
Offered by the so-called liberals

And we saw him react  and burst,
Pour out his anguished  heart
Like a thunderbolt at first,
Then  shouting with a lump in the throat
And  helpless tears  at last

His voice silenced all 
And made everyone  realize 
That he was in earnest to react
And  express his strong feelings
With that unusual retort.

That the nation and its honour
Are over and above all else
Are the succour we all live by 
For who lives if the country is dead 
And who dies so long as it is alive  .!

Thursday, 18 February 2016


    O you killer peaks of Siachen                                   Cruel  have been your whims
    Ignoble and insane                                              To unleash your deadly powers
 On duty bound   sentinels
 Without giving them a chance
 To fight and prove their mettle
          Look, every sensitive  heart
          Is in a state of shock
          Wondering what had prompted you
           To play a game so vile.
                        It was an act of deceit
                         Vicious and unfair
                          To trap them so unawares
                           In that most unjust warfare.
         Was  it  some evil impulse
           Overcoming you all of a sudden?
           A  mischief  so mean otherwise
          Couldn't be your normal action .
                           Or did you feel challenged
                          Insecure or belittled
                           By the superhuman fortitude
                            Displayed by the heroes at post .?
            No, they  hadn't been there
         To dare your sky-high stature
         Nor to disrupt your pristine solitude
           Or blemish your snowy splendour.
                           They had come there trudging along
                            The tough mountain terrains
                             To guard the precious lone posts
                              Bordering their own motherland
             Just to keep a silent vigil
           On and around the fields                                                                                                                       Lest some evil eye should dare
       To desecrate  the sacred sphere

                     Yes, they were there to brave
                       The most inimical  climate
                        And deliver their duty in earnest
                        As a sacred religious ritual.
         Then why did your callous avalanche
           Hit them as  foes in  disguise
           Bury  them down alive in ice
          Hiding from view their very existence?

                  But be not proud  of your deadly assault
                 Though you have cut short their lives on the earth
                The tales of their matchless  courage and resolve
              Will keep echoing  forever and ever
               In the hearts of the hills and vales over there  !!


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Springtime Thoughts

         Hail to you  o   gracious guest
        The most awaited and  cherished
        Arriving  majestically onto the earth
        With the grand ceremony of a  real king!

         The one whose  advent does signal
         The  sure retreat of  winter  chill
         That has been very  unkind  indeed
          With freezing snow and piercing wind.

           And truly its atrocious ways
          Could be borne  with  patience
          Just by virtue of  the deep-set  hope
           That you are following close on heels.

          And will arrive on  time as ever
          To  bid farewell to   the  winter spell
           The cruel  cold  will soon give way
           To pleasant warmth and bright sunshine

            With a childlike  wonder, I look  around
            The  good earth   rising   up in cheer
              As if from a   slumber  long and deep
               Now  with a look  vibrant and fair

            All about me I  can   see and hear
            Birds with varied sounds and colour
            Singing with glee in their joyous flights
            Or hopping about in sprightly cheer .

          The koel's musical notes come floating
          From the mango groves in  full   blossom
          And whiffs of fragrance amply loaded
          Ride on the wings of warm spring air

          The dry and pallid landscape too
          Is now abuzz with the business of life
          with  grass and creepers and plants and flowers
          Ants  insects and cute butterflies

          The diligent  bees   are  busy as ever
         In gathering nectar  from friendly flowers
         Material that they need to make
          Honey for themselves and for others.

          Joy  abounds  on the earth and skies
          Nature is smiling, and with it goes on
       , Celebration of life and re -creation
         Leaving behind past loss and regrets.

         These shows of  gaiety and exuberance
        Are sure signs of your blessed presence
        Mirrored in the world of living beings
         And even in the sphere of inanimate things.

       Hence hearty welcome o royal guest!
        Though  a visitor on a sojourn  here
       Pray, stay with us  for  a little bit  longer
      And prolong the bliss that your presence ensures.