Monday, 20 June 2016

On Father's Day ----- A Monologue

   Father  !    Can you hear me?
       I wish to talk   to you today
       If only you could answer
       And tell me that you do.

      How blessed would I feel
     Once again  your voice to hear
     And rush towards you as a child
       Lost in  a crowded fair.

    I know it's wishful dreaming
    To seek your presence around
     For having left this world
     Has anyone ever returned?

   But the memories refuse to die
   Living so deep in the heart
   And appear on the surface often
   Like scenes on a  movie screen.

    And what can ever silence
   The words of  precious  wisdom
  You pronounced from time to time
   Guiding me through the life
  With all its ups and downs.

   Let me tell  you once  again
That  I try to follow the path
You showed me  early in life
Hoping I will never deviate.

 I  hardly know   other ways
 To honour your  loving memories
But  keep your life in mind
And do what you  always cherished

Could you hear me, dear  Father?
Please speak,  and even if you don't
I will presume that sure you did
And blessed  me  in sweet  silence
As always you have done
Whenever I   approached you.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Endlessly Enchanting ---- A Waterfall in the valley

      Behold the scenic grandeur
      The amazing  waterfall creates
      Rushing down from celestial heights
     Like a stream of milky nectar

   Emerging from secret springs
   Hidden in the heart of hills
  It brings abounding succor
 To the valley year after year

For the flowers that bloom unbidden
In countless  forms and colors
Lending this rainbow   glory
And pride to the blessed valley .

Since  the eyes refuse to  move
Away from this rapturous  view
Save it  in the  memory   pages
As a joy to last  forever .

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Valley of Flowers ------- A snapshot


   Right in the lap of blue  hills
With snow capped peaks  on the back
Blooms this alluring garden
Reflecting vibrant   Nature.

The mystique of flowery abundance
 Wraps the landscape in a charm
With colours fascinating and bright
And fragrance as a healing balm

Nurtured by milky waters
Emanating  from  mountain springs
The flowers bloom unbidden
Creating this magical  ambience.

 Who is the blessed  caretaker
Of this   Eden on the earth,
Has anyone ever  seen him
Engaged in his sweet labour?        

Well, he may not be visible
But one can feel   his presence
Imprinted  inch by inch
On this wondrous   expanse .

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Valley of Flowers ------ Nature's own favoured garden

From behind the dark blue hills
The Sun ,like a king in golden armour
Moves  majestically upward in the sky        
Shooting its  beam of light
Down to  the  farthest corner

The dazzling   rays  come descending
Gracefully on the flowery carpet
Cautious enough not to trample --
On even the humblest flower .

The sky all aglow and crimson
With gold and silver  linings
Emanates  heavenly grandeur
Complementing  the earth's splendour

And here in the heart of   this royal   ambience
Like a precious jewel set in the crown
Is lying this  blissful expanse
Famed  as the Valley of Flowers


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Children on the beach

      Children ! how happy you are 
       Playing on the beach in pure merriment
       Leaving behind all  past regrets 
       And worries of tomorrows to come 

       Artfully  you  build  these sand castles 
        With  utmost skill and   care  
       Decorating them  with  seashells
    Gathered from here and there.

       Little do you seem to  be bothered 
 When  time and again mischievous waves 
       Rush shoreward all so suddenly 
       And wash everything away unawares.

    Instead of giving up your  playful gesture
     Or  crying over the lost structures
      You begin to build  all over  again
       As if it were just part of the venture .                  .

      Watching  intently from nearby
      I can't but praise your sheer  wisdom
     That helps you  maintain  your firm  resolve
     Of  never  yielding  before any hurdle .

      And wish we grown ups too could have
      Such spirited and  balanced  attitude
     To meet   life's   all  odd  challenges
      With playful but persistent  moves.   .