Tuesday, 31 January 2017


        Remembering Bapu on the 30th of January

         '' Gandhi is dead ,'' they say
          Is he , indeed ? 

          Well, yes, if death means the end of physical existence 
           He died over six decades ago .   
           Falling to an assassin's bullets
           He became a victim of ruthless hatred
           On that dark January evening
           To the utter shock for millions on  the globe .

           For his life and work was not confined
           To his own country or region
           But extended to the whole of mankind
            That was striving for the right of freedom .

            And despite the physical demise
            His aura couldn't be diminished
            For he wasn't just flesh and blood 
             But a spirit that can never be killed.

             He was not just a mortal being 
             But an ideology personified 
            A philosophy put into practice
            Acknowledged and acclaimed by the world .

            The one who evolved from a simple individual
             Into an institution of peace and good will
             Emanating the message of non-violence
             Kindness and love like the great Buddha.

             The one who practised what he professed
               And fought against unjust  oppressions
              With no other weapon than the Satyagraha -
               Non -violence and  peaceful dissent .

               How can he ever be dead then 
               Who lives in millions of hearts
               That are striving to liberate humanity
               From the clutches of selfish tyrants .

                And to ensure that all  are safe 
                 In a world wreaked with violence
                 Is there any other  option in view 
                  But to follow his proven  principles ?




Monday, 16 January 2017


   In Salutation To The Most Renowned Mountain Of The World
                         HIMALAYA  ---  THE ABODE OF SNOW
         Hail to you o majestic Himalaya! 

      Merely  a mountain you never have been 
     Bedecked with the crown of snow-capped peaks 
     Seated like a mighty monarch  in the sky                         
      You calmly dominate the landscape beneath.

Blessed with heavenly grace and charm 
Surrounded by  divine aura from the space
Hiding myriad mysteries in your  folds
 You  are an eternal source of wonder .

Calm and composed you sit  unmoved 
In scorching sun or threatening storms
Like an austere 'yogi'  you   appear
Absorbed forever in deep meditation

You are the one to have witnessed
Countless changes in the life of  men
Right from the  earliest days to the present
Happening  through  long ages on  the earth

   Seekers of spiritual bliss have found
 Their ultimate resort in your serene portals
Scientists from far and wide approach you 
Searching rare minerals and wealth of herbs

     And those with daring spirits  take pride 
     In scaling your steep  challenging  heights
     Lovers of nature are  drawn towards you
     By the sheer magic of your pristine splendour
    Generations of poets and philosophers
     Have sung rich hymns in your honour
     Painters and lensmen  never feel tired 
    In trying to capture your sublime grandeur 

Though not as rich in contents or colours
I place at your feet   these simple verses
Accept  if you please    this  humble offering 
And make me proud of this little venture
Picture credit----- Sumit Pant

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The clouds and The sun January 7 , 2017

                                                On a dull and dreary day
                                                When the sky was overcast
                                                With dark and dismal clouds
                                                 I felt  upset and  utterly  depressed

                                                Absence of warmth and  sunshine 
                                                 Slowed down the routine business
                                                 The day seemed  longer  than  usual
                                                 As if time had stopped somewhere .
                                                 That made my spirits  sink low  
                                                   Leaving me inactive and  bored 
                                                    Afraid if it would go like this  -
                                                  Devoid of all activities and cheer.

                                                 At  this  moment my mind and heart
                                                 Began chiding me  in perfect  unison 
                                                  '' How come you be such a pessimist 
                                                     Knowing well the wise ways of Nature ?''

                                                    ''Isn't  each night  followed by a day,
                                                     Each cold winter with spring and summer
                                                    Don't clouds give way to the Sun always
                                                     And  showers fall to cool heat waves ?

                                                 ''   All are but  parts of Nature's calendar
                                                     Planned for the  good of  all creatures
                                                     So why not welcome  each  new  season
                                                      That Nature brings with such concern      

Monday, 2 January 2017

ADIEU ---- 2016

      One more fateful year is
      On its way to becoming history
      And the void will soon be filled  by
      Yet  another  chain of events                
      Coming on  the moving wheels of time

     Nice it has been to live and  enjoy
     Through most of the days gone  so far
     That were filled with love and goodwill
     Pouring in from every  here and there

     In all humbleness , I thank you, my lord ,

     For granting me this wonderful life
     Enriched by the wealth of family and friends
       A gift priceless and surely the best .

      Though joy and sorrow  , as we know ,
       Are but integral parts of  life
       Celebrations here have been  usually
       But also sufferings and painful partings

       And now , the year is bidding adieu
       Leaving behind an unwritten message
       That life has always been like this
       And will continue to be likewise  ---
                        A  curious mixture of joy and woe  !