Saturday, 1 April 2017


Passing by that deserted road  one day 
My eyes caught sight of a forlorn tree
All dried up sans a single green leaf
It looked pathetic , a picture of grief .

Lost as if in the memories of past 
Shedding tears over   present poverty
Silent but  saying volumes without voice 
Unattractive but pulling everyone towards it 

  I too found myself stopping  near it 
  Perhaps to share its unheard  woes 
  And asked why it  was so despondent 
   If I could be of  help to some extent

With a deep sigh did the tree begin 
To pour out  the intense gloom of its heart 
'' There was a time I was sturdy and  rich 
 Decked with foliage ,  flowers and fruits 

Attracting everyone towards my domain
Animals and birds and human beings
I offered safe shelter to hundreds of birds
Nestling in my  folds secure and safe  

Children played merrily all day under me 
And left only after darkness descended
Tired wayfarers stopped to refresh themselves
As I offered comfort to everyone  in need .

And  today I am here  all too ignored 
Like a poor beggar sitting by the  road 
To whom no one  cares to pay attention 
Say , how should I feel in this situation ? ''

In a bid to console the heart-broken tree 
I pointed to the horizon with assuring gestures
'' Look !   there comes the caravan of Spring
 Loaded with cheer and happy tidings -- 

That new green leaves will soon  appear
 Flowers and fruits will follow in time
The wayfarers too will  approach  as before
And birds as always will come to nestle .

  Long have you suffered but now feel sure
That good old days will be here again 
For Nature never fails to maintain  its cycle
And Spring does always follow  Winters ''

An oil painting  by Mr Ramesh Chhetri


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