Wednesday, 26 April 2017


  As the day slips behind the hills  
   On the far- off horizon 
   Along with its glorious lamp 
     And all  the bright sunshine 

    The Earth looks down wearied
    Exhausted from the day's labour
    All hustle and bustle  being stopped
    The world goes to rest in sleep

  But those who can keep awake 
  Shall watch a sublime  tableau
  Of celestial  bodies above  the earth
   In the star-studded  blue sky 

.Stars - those tiny diamonds - 
Scattered from end to end 
Play hide- and- seek all night 
Twinkling in their endless playground.

    Ever watched the night sky - 
    That expanse of eternal mystery?
    Ever asked a shooting star  -                 
     To grant a wish secretly ?

   With child-like wonder and  pleasure 
   I gaze at this immense  treasure
   Feeling blissful, serene and uplifted 
  Under the spell of a divine splendour!

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