Thursday, 2 March 2017


The snow- capped majestic mountain
 Oversees the landscape beneath
 Like a mighty monarch seated
On a throne high above the earth        

Spread out at the feet below 
Flowery carpets decorate the floor 
Doling out fragrance and  cheers 
And the magic of rainbow colours

 Content in its sovereign status 
The mountain is a picture of grace 
While myriads of minor creatures
 Flourish under its benign   space

And apart from the poetic musings
We do also realise the  truth
That all are parts of Nature's artwork 
 displayed  on the canvas of earth

Be it the imposing  mountain 
Or vast desert expanse 
Broad -bosomed rivers or seas
Or the most trivial grasslands 

And we in our limited times
Can only praise  and  honour 
 this magnificent craft of Nature
Perfected by the Supreme Creator.

                                                                                                                 Picture Courtesy  ---
                                 Amazing Nature 
                                                Mount Fuji Spring , Japan   

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