Tuesday, 8 August 2017



       Hiroshima ....
    That's the name
     I am known by                      Sure, you know me too 
        As do most of the people 
       Across the globe 
       Though for reasons not so good.

      And  why  I wish to address 
      The world today ;
      is to remind you 
       and everyone else 
       Of the blackest  happening
       in the history of mankind

      When I was made the first victim
      Of the most lethal weapon of war
     Ever invented by human brain 
     And tried on  civil population 

      The '' LittleBoy '' that was sent to scare me
     Was, in fact, the deadliest agent of death
     The cruellest carrier of  disaster
     The ugliest face of  human character

      The mushroom shaped monster
       So suddenly appeared in  my sky
       Eclipsing even the sun for a while
       And descended down like a devil 

  Churning foam of smoke and fire
 Filled with dirt,  dust and soot
  And killer radioactive  particles 
   on the wings of poisonous gases 

    That  engulfed the earth and sky
     Sparing none and nothing on the  way
    human beings and animals ,trees and gardens     Homes, hospitals, schools and places of worship
   Vanished in seconds 
   as if they had never existed .

The fine morning that could have been
The beginning of a good normal day
 was suddenly turned into a dreadful night 
Of endless woes and sufferings.

Decades have passed and slipped
Into the dark lanes of history
But the  spectre of  past catastrophe
 still haunts me with horrible memories  

As the loss of life and values
Could never be fully assessed 
The wounds are still unhealed 
The pain much less forgotten 

But strange though it may sound
I wish it to be always remembered  
As the most valuable lesson in wisdom
Learnt from the blunders of the past 

And so I have got it carved  all over
on monuments and museum and parks
 To tell  the stories of endless  sorrow
that we never ought to forget

  Hoping it will help to motivate you
 to  join hands with one another 
 and strive jointly for lasting peace 
 To prevail in the world everywhere

          And to ensure that the angels of peace
           outnumber the war mongers 
           And never again on this planet
           Another Hiroshima is made to suffer .




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