Wednesday, 19 July 2017


    Hey amazing visitors 
       Some of the many miracles of nature 
          As you definitely are
Wonder how many magical feats you know
        To keep us mesmerised for ever
   With your   fast changing contours 
          And divinely  blended colours !

       It's most difficult to decide 
       Whether to call you  friends or foes
       Sometimes you seem to be  saviours
       Sometimes  deadly marauders 

     Pleasant beyond words you look 
      And welcomed from the core of heart
       When sighted  on a far off  corner
       Dotting  the blazing  summer sky

     Bending down on the parched landscape
     During a burning afternoon hour
     You appear no less adorable
     Than  angels from the Heaven above

     Bringing the message of God's mercy
     In the form of soothing showers
     To enliven the earth's  famished face
     And save its countless  creatures 

      Even the chain of lightning and thunder
      That comes following your trail 
      Falls as sweet musical notes              
       On the ears of the waiting sufferers

       You sure are loved and worshipped
       For all your benevolent gifts
       But the other  side of your being 
       Is rather  against your kind nature

       As  you  keep appearing again
       With frightening gestures and sounds
       Even after torrential   rain 
       That is  more than enough to sustain

     These dreadful   features of yours  
       Are the most awful to  witness
     Pray, show  them  seldom  or never
     And come only as cherished visitors !



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