Saturday, 6 May 2017


  Up in the  foothills of majestic mountains  
  Nestled in the ambience of a green woodland
   Stands out a lone , abandoned  house 
   Once the home of happy household

Though  long deserted, its elegance indicates
That it was built with the utmost care
Sure proof of it still standing  straight
Braving  decades of callous neglect

 Despite wearing out each passing season
It tries to hold on the fond memories 
Of the halcyon days of pride and pleasure
Shared with its inmates of bygone years. 

Through the long spell of its  close bonding 
It must have seen life's changing colours
The joyous events of births and weddings
And also dark shadows of painful partings.

The spacious courtyard must have witnessed
 Family gatherings on many occasions
 celebrating festivals with traditional fervour
And  bringing the place alive with cheer 

It must have watched the  family kids 
Growing into teens and ambitious young men
 Then bidding goodbye to this home for good
And  make their way to greener pastures 

Though seemingly  mute and inanimate
This rickety house is keen to narrate
The long and short  of the whole  story
Of which it has been a part  all  along 

If  you have a little patience and leisure.
Stop here for a while and listen
 To the  eventful story it has to share
 Before leaving it again to its own care !!!

   Neha Bora

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