Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Those who love the lush green leaves
Forming big canopies on trees 
Must as well adore the  rust brown ones
The pride and glory of departing season 

Painful though, it is  to watch them fall
And being strewn all over by the wind
Look !  they lie scattered around 
Like wounded soldiers on a site of battle

But are they not, like all  of us 
Some of the innumerable characters
In Nature's eternal drama of life 
Moving in the cycle of creation ?

Hence as you walk this side of the road
Step with caution my friends, beware
Lest you should trample on any one of them
Even by mistake or sheer negligence

Believe me, we owe them much gratitude
Since they served us with no selfish intent
So let's be grateful for their priceless gifts 
And pay them in return a humble tribute !

   Picture courtesy-
  Vinesh Poswal
 Been There , Doon That ?

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