Monday, 10 April 2017


   Hey you awesome mountain stream !
   Dashing out on a playful spree 
   Allow me to join your great journey
 From sky high hills to the level of sea

Mesmerised  by your  magical appearance 
 My heart has always sought to be there 
To get mingled with your pristine beauty 
And carried along these milky waters.

 How often you receive with welcome gestures
 The smallest rivulet crossing your way 
 And let it be a part of your being 
  Rushing towards your cherished destination .     

       From there you rise up to form rain clouds 
       And return to the earth as pleasant showers   
         Filling the rivers and oceans  for ever 
           To maintain the cycle of a blissful occurence

        Pray,  let me too  be merged with you 
        And become a part of the endless process -
        That Nature controls with her own skilled hands 
         Beyond the bounds of time and space !

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