Saturday, 15 April 2017


   Behold the bells hanging 
   In the old temple's premises 
   High above the tall pine trees
 High above the snow-capped peaks.

Do they really occupy a space
Among  clouds atop the hills 
Or is it just a sweet illusion 
Extended up to the horizon?

I think they appear so solemn  and         high 
   By virtue of the Faith they are    upheld by
In the existence of a benign deity
                                              Reigning over all  the  land and sky

                                                The faith  they denote never dwindles
                                                 But  sustains the believer's strength
                                                To go through the ordeals of life 
                                               With trust in God's ultimate justice.
  And listen to the bells chiming 
   As the wind passes by them 
   Don't  they sing of humble surrender 
   To the will of the supreme master?        

Photo credit - Sonam Bhandari
 euttaranchal. com

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