Wednesday, 16 March 2016

                                        The Feathered Wonders

               These  wondrous creatures
               with beautiful  plumes
               Painted   meticulously
               On the boundless canvas
               of the earth and sky

               Models of Nature's perfect art
               source of delight and wonderment
               Emanating pleasure with their beauty                          All around them ,  perpetually  . .

               As if  deeply dipped in  paint
               Prepared in Nature's own secret vault
               Vibrant and glowing and vividly rich
               As rainbows in their unique  splendor
                And equally blessed do they sound
                With voices varied , alluring and sweet
                Chitter, chatter, chirrup, and peep
                Warble  and  coo  in melodious tweet .
                 Who but Nature is the super artist
                 That ordained this inimitable blend
                of colors, sounds, mirth and movement
                And put it all in these tiny creatures ?
                Oh how I wish to borrow and feel
                A  little of this enviable grace
                Though , for a short and transient phase
                 It would still be an immense bliss !


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