Monday, 4 December 2017


                      ''Au revoir '' , said the Sun  with a smile
                        Sliding down the western horizon -
                        Painted in gold and crimson all over
                          Richer than ever in its glamour

                      My eyes followed it till the moment
                       It was no longer visible up there
                      And then found myself speculating
                      As to where it suddenly disappeared !

                         Was it the end of a glorious journey
                        Across the endless firmament
                        Or the continuance of the same grandeur
                         On the other side of the moving  globe ?

                       Where all over the land and seas
                       A whole living world  be getting up
                        Refreshed from a night's  restful sleep
                        To  welcome the new day with  cheer

                         While here, we are waiting keenly
                          For the evening shadows to deepen
                        So we could  wind up the day's labour
                          And rest in the night's silent hours

                        But neither we nor our brothers
                        Living on the other side of the world
                       Can ever wish the Sun to rest  for a while
                       As that would   threaten our own existence

                         And we take its  appearance for granted
                         On the eastern sky each morning
                        To instil life force on the earth
                         With light and warmth forever !


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