Thursday, 12 October 2017


  A child's innocent smile
   Is the sweetest of all expressions
    One can ever happen to see 
           On a human  countenance

It's this that makes you forget
 Your woes and worries for a while
 Reassuring you of the inherent goodness 
 Hidden behind   rough appearances

 The smile that is pure and refreshing
 Like the dewdrops on  rose petals
 Bursting into  rainbow  colours
At the touch  of morning sun rays 

The smile that's cool and soothing
 Like the first shower after summer
That's welcomed by all life forms
As the merciful,  heavenly saviour

The smile that is warm and comforting
Like that of a loving mother
 Clasping her new-born to the bosom
With ultimate pride and care 

The smile that   asserts life is  --
Simple and sweet for the most part
And is, therefore, worth enjoying 
Despite all its complex  riddles  !

                                                                     Smile courtesy --
                                                                        Shivali Nautiyal

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