Sunday, 25 September 2016



    Here I am again to sing a prayer
    Invoking the gracious gods above
    To bless this beautiful earth of ours 
    With unconditional peace and love

    I'll pray there be peace  all around 
    In its skies and ethereal space 
    On its vast lands and in deep oceans
    With their myriad forms of creatures.

    May it exist among animals and birds 
   Trees and herbs and  gentle creepers 
    May it pervade the whole universe
          And help its inmates to survive and flourish 

            But above all things here mentioned
            May it  settle deep in the mind of Man
            Making him aware of its supreme value 
            That's fountain-head of true happiness .

            I know that in these tumultuous times
            Songs of peace may not sound relevant
            But to my mind, love and harmony 
            Never can be redundant or untoward.

           Hence I am keen to celebrate this day
          To promote  everlasting peace in the world
           Join me if you  too like this campaign 
          And together shall we pledge to carry it on.


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