Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ode to the Holy Ganga

       Hail to you, O holy  Ganga  -
       Merely a river you never have been 
       Darling daughter of the mighty Himalaya
      And a doting mother to countless children

  How you descend from   heavenly heights
   Like a sportive, lively  young girl 
   Out on  a delightful adventure spree
  Ever in search of fun and pleasure.

   From your snow-capped pristine abode
   You rush  out carving your own free  route
  Skipping gleefully on mountainous  rocks 
 Jumping daringly into dangerous ravines.

  Traversing   through thick alpine forests
 And rough, unfriendly,  tough terrains
   Emerging cheerfully safe out  again
   Filling  the environs  with innocent laughter 


  The childlike  mirth and merry movement
Slowly  gives way to  mature   gestures
When as  a lady of elegance and grace 
 You enter new regions of plain landscapes.


And thus you continue your eventful journey
Of more than a thousand miles to cover 
With grace and charm and elegance you flow.
Before final  plunge into the great ocean 

All along this long trajectory
You dole out your gifts to all liberally 
Millions of life forms living on the banks 
Benefiting even those who are out of the scene. 

 Since  time immemorial   in the remote past 
You have been nurturing this land of ours
Making it beautiful, civilised  and  rich 
With treasures of great spiritual wealth.

I  bow to you,  O gracious Goddess 
With  deep reverence and gratitude 
Pray go on blessing  us  with your  kind  favours         
As you have been doing for countless ages.



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  1. A tribute to the legendary river , The Ganga ,that is loved and revered as a goddess and mother by millions of people .