Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Saintly Scientist


               Gifting his  'Wings of Fire '
              To the generation  ahead
              The angel has taken flight 
              To regions unknown.

    Standing in front of admiring youths 
  Kindling their minds with the light of knowledge-- Inspiring them to dream big, aim high--
And toil tirelessly to achieve their goals.
  In rapt attention they were listening to him
 As he was to them a living legend 
 The object of  utmost honour 
 An epitome of  accomplishments.

             Like a bolt from the blue  to one and all.
             Alas ! you   left so abruptly
            leaving the nation in a state of shock 
             Made poorer for the loss of a gem.

            Wonder if you were summoned  up there
            To plan  urgently  a divine project  
           Or  had you  yourself needed some  leisure 
           To set a new tune on your  favourite Veena !

           Simplicity and genius  personified  
           Words fall  short to measure your worth
           Never did  you  take a  day off, it is said  
           As work  to you was your religion supreme.

          A scientist  par excellence, patriot and saint 
          Role model of the youth, People's President 
          With nation's  highest award  conferred 
            Your spectrum of life was just perfect !

          So  adieu  !  as you  make exit from here
          To join the ranks of  the immortals   there
          And we shall  look for a new star tonight
          Adding brilliance to the galaxy of the great.

        For sure, you will get your  pride of place  
       To live with the immortals in peace  
       And we on the earth shall find you alive
       In the glorious legacy, you have left behind.



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  2. The poem was composed as a tribute to Dr Kalam when he suddenly expired on this day in 2015 leaving behind him a rich legacy of science and technology as well as pure patriotism ,an exemplary culture of simple living and high thinking .