Sunday, 3 July 2016

Being a Mother

    Motherhood --
  Is it a blessing  or a  challenge
  Or both of them  finely rolled 
  Into a  status unique and strange ?

  A  privilege  granted  by the Supreme Creator
  To all female beings  on the earth 
 Making  them akin  to Nature herself
  The one matriarch of all creatures .

      She who sows the seeds of life 
    All over  the lands and  vast oceans  
   Rendering   this planet  evergreen and rich  
    Pulsating with life and love eternal.

                  And Oh  !   This sweet motherhood bliss  !
                 An emotion bordering on ecstasy 
                Felt  by all having maternal instincts
                 Be they on land or in deep waters  .

                But is this joy an end  in  itself 
                Or a tough challenge in clever disguise?
                Isn't this  the beginning of a long strife 
                Going to last for the whole of life?

                 That begins with raising the tender infants
                   Fast   as they  grow into  playful children 
                  Followed by wayward restless  adolescents                     
                  Till they settle as  seasoned  persons

                Time goes  flying  without your noticing it 
                That they have grown their  wings strong
                And are  anxious to  map   other  heights
                 In distant skies of their own choice.

                Seeing them take their  ambitious flights
                 My heart  does  swell with a queer emotion 
               What shall I call it?   A humble pride?
                 Or a bittersweet award  in sight?

                So what if the nest appears empty  
               It still  is  full of  fond memories 
               And gifts of love and care  do come
                Whenever I feel a need for them.

             Reason  enough to pamper myself 
             That  I   haven't failed to do my bit 
             In carrying forward  the  chain of love
           As the meaning and essence of life forever!


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  1. emotions of every mother..and you are so right, "it is going to last the whole of life"....though I must confess, I do get overwhelmed from time to time :)