Monday, 20 June 2016

On Father's Day ----- A Monologue

   Father !    Can you hear me?
       I wish to  speak   to you
       If only you could answer
       And tell me that you do.

      How blessed would I feel
     Once again  your voice to hear
     And rush to you as a child
       Lost in a crowded fair.

    I know it's wishful dreaming
    To seek your presence around
     Having left this world for once
     Has anyone ever returned?

     But the memories refuse to die
     Living so deep in the heart
    And appear on the surface often
     Like scenes on a  movie screen.

     And what can ever silence
     The voice of  precious  wisdom
     You pronounced from time to time
     Whenever I  sought your advice

      Let me tell  you once  again
     That  I try to follow the path
     You showed me  early in life
      Hoping I will never deviate.

      I  hardly know   other ways
      To honour your  memories
       But  keep your life in mind
       And do what you  always cherished

      Could you hear me, dear  Father?
       Please speak,  and even if you don't
       I will presume that sure you did
       And blessed me in sweet silence!

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