Thursday, 2 June 2016

Children on the beach

      Children ! how happy you are 
       Playing on the beach in pure merriment
       Leaving behind all  past regrets 
       And worries of tomorrows to come 

       Artfully  you  build  these sand castles 
        With  utmost skill and   care  
       Decorating them  with  seashells
    Gathered from here and there.

       Little do you seem to  be bothered 
 When  time and again mischievous waves 
       Rush shoreward all so suddenly 
       And wash everything away unawares.

    Instead of giving up your  playful gesture
     Or  crying over the lost structures
      You begin to build  all over  again
       As if it were  part of the venture.

      Watching  intently from nearby
      I can't but praise your sheer  wisdom
     That helps you  maintain  your firm  resolve
     Of never yielding before any hurdle.

      And wish we grown ups too could have
      Such spirited and  balanced  attitude
     To meet   life's   all  odd  challenges
      With playful but persistent moves.   .

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