Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Springtime Thoughts

         Hail to you  o   gracious guest
        The most awaited and  cherished
        Arriving  majestically onto the earth
        With  grand ceremony  of a  real king  !

         The one whose  advent does signal
         The  sure retreat of  winter  chill
         That has been very  unkind  indeed
          With freezing snow and piercing wind.

           And truly its atrocious ways
          Could be borne  with  patience
          Just by virtue of  the deep set  hope
           That you are  following  close  on heels .

          And will arrive on  time as ever
          To  bid farewell to   the  winter spell
           The cruel  cold  will soon give way
           To pleasant warmth and bright sunshine

            With a child like  wonder  I look  around
            The  good earth   rising   up in cheer
              As if from a   slumber  long and deep
               Now  with a look  vibrant and fair

            All about me I  can   see and hear
            Birds with varied sounds and colour
            Singing with glee in their joyous flights
            Or hopping about in sprightly cheer .

          The koel's musical notes come floating
          From the mango groves in  full   blossom
          And whiffs of fragrance amply loaded
          Ride on the wings of warm spring air

          The dry and pallid landscape too
          Is now abuzz with  business of life
          with  grass and creepers and plants and flowers
          Ants  insects and cute butterflies

          The diligent  bees   are  busy as ever
         In gathering nectar  from friendly flowers
         Material that they need to make
          Honey for themselves and for others .

          Joy  abounds  on the earth and skies
          Nature is smiling ,  and with it goes on
       , Celebration of life and re-creation
         Leaving behind past loss  and  regrets  .

         These shows of  gaiety and exuberance
        Are sure signs of your blessed presence
        Mirrored in the world of living beings
         And even in the sphere  of  inanimate things  .

       Hence hearty welcome o royal  guest  !
        Though  a visitor on a sojourn  here
       Pray ,  stay with us  for  a little bit  longer
      And prolong  the bliss  that your presence ensures  .




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