Thursday, 18 February 2016


    O you killer peaks of Siachen                                   Cruel  have been your whims
    Ignoble and insane                                              To unleash your deadly powers
 On duty bound   sentinels
 Without giving them a chance
 To fight and prove their mettle
          Look, every sensitive  heart
          Is in a state of shock
          Wondering what had prompted you
           To play a game so vile.
                        It was an act of deceit
                         Vicious and unfair
                          To trap them so unawares
                           In that most unjust warfare.
         Was  it  some evil impulse
           Overcoming you all of a sudden?
           A  mischief  so mean otherwise
          Couldn't be your normal action .
                           Or did you feel challenged
                          Insecure or belittled
                           By the superhuman fortitude
                            Displayed by the heroes at post .?
            No, they  hadn't been there
         To dare your sky-high stature
         Nor to disrupt your pristine solitude
           Or blemish your snowy splendour.
                           They had come there trudging along
                            The tough mountain terrains
                             To guard the precious lone posts
                              Bordering their own motherland
             Just to keep a silent vigil
           On and around the fields                                                                                                                       Lest some evil eye should dare
       To desecrate  the sacred sphere

                     Yes, they were there to brave
                       The most inimical  climate
                        And deliver their duty in earnest
                        As a sacred religious ritual.
         Then why did your callous avalanche
           Hit them as  foes in  disguise
           Bury  them down alive in ice
          Hiding from view their very existence?

                  But be not proud  of your deadly assault
                 Though you have cut short their lives on the earth
                The tales of their matchless  courage and resolve
              Will keep echoing  forever and ever
               In the hearts of the hills and vales over there  !!


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