Monday, 22 February 2016


I saw him fight  that night
Not against an enemy at the front 
But a few unreasonable minds
Bent upon degrading
Things and values
He held uppermost

As the love of nation was being termed 
'Forced nationalism '
And shouting abusive slogans
Against one's own  motherland
Was being justified
In the name of freedom
Of expression.

Even the emblem of national honour
The Tricolor 
Was made a topic of heated debate.

And  the veteran soldier's heart 
Could no longer contain 
His sorely injured feelings
 At the most unsavoury  reasoning
Offered by the so-called liberals

And we saw him react  and burst,
Pour out his anguished  heart
Like a thunderbolt at first,
Then  shouting with a lump in the throat
And  helpless tears  at last

His voice silenced all 
And made everyone  realize 
That he was in earnest to react
And  express his strong feelings
With that unusual retort.

That the nation and its honour
Are over and above all else
Are the succour we all live by 
For who lives if the country is dead 
And who dies so long as it is alive  .!

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