Friday, 8 January 2016

The Unusual Homecoming


                                           THE UNUSUAL HOMECOMING

                                    Home he did come that ill-fated day
                                     But  none had thought the way he did
                                     All wrapped up in the solemn tricolor
                                        Sure symbol of ultimate honour

                                    Truly it was the most befitting reward
                                     For a braveheart so  bold  andaring
                                     Who put himself at stake without fear
                                    To ensure that the nation doesn't suffer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Devotion to duty was his prime concern
                                     Fighting till the end to foil the attack
                                     Paying  his flesh  and blood as the cost
                                     He set an example of supreme sacrifice
                                     The strike having been foiled for now
                                     The guns are silent  for a while
                                      But the sounds of anguish and loss resound
                                      Inside and around the home he lived

                                      Which had  hoped he would, some day
                                      Come back alive, secure and gay.
                                      But instead came the bolt from the bluel
                                      And brought him home this gloomy way!

                                       Heaps of flowers and wreaths offered
                                       Messages of sorrow and condolence
                                       Are but poor solace to the   kins
                                       Broken to the core by the deadly blow.

.                                      Words and gestures of sympathy
                                        Can hardly lessen the grief so profound                                                                    And what can ever compensate  the loss  
                                        So intense, immense and beyond repair?

                                        The only healing thought is that
                                         He laid down his life  for the country's sake
                                         And that will  keep his name alive,
                                         In our minds and hearts forever.

Written as a tribute to the martyrs of Pathankot terror attack.

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