Wednesday, 16 December 2015

                                       In Memorium ......................... Lest we should Forget
     Let us all bow  in reverence and gratitude, my countrymen,
        to the memory of those brave hearts
          who stood  as an iron wall  facing the shower of bullets
         to defend the sanctity of the Parliament, the pride and honour of the  nation
       Despite Death  dancing around, did not leave the post of duty
          till the nasty plot of terror was not foiled and smashed to the ground!
                            And we all, across the country, heaved a sigh of relief !!
Could it have been possible without the keen alertness and valiant action of a handful of security personnel?
  And, Alas  ! some of them did not live to see the result of their eventful fight!
     But  their supreme sacrifice  has been definitely  engraved in the history of martyrdom
   as  well as in the hearts of people who, I  am sure, will not forget to light a few candles
                              in their hallowed memory  !

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  1. In honour of the security personnel who braved the terror attack on the Parliament and foiled it .Some paid with their lives in defending the very core of the national pride .