Monday, 14 December 2015

In Memorium --------------- Lest we should Forget

                                                                                                       December 13, 2015
          Let us all bow, my countrymen, in reverence and gratitude
             To the  memory of  those brave hearts
                Who faced the shower of bullets,
               To defend the sanctity of  our Parliament
                And did not leave the post of duty
                 Till the  nasty  plot of the terror  was  foiled and smashed  to the ground
                  And all of us heaved a sigh of relief.
                Could it have been possible  without  the  alertness  and valiant  action  performed
                 By a handful of security persons?
                   And some of them did not live to see the outcome of their gallant feats.
         But the day and date  will remain engraved in the  history  of  martyrdom   as well as in the hearts of
          the people who, I am sure, will not forget to light a candle or two in their hallowed memory.

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