Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Desecrating the Deity.

        Violence!  Bloodshed ! Massacre ! Hatred and callousness being inflicted upon innocent people across the world.  And all these insane acts being done in the name of religion.                                                   What a fallacy of ideas to profess  cruelty and god in the same breath!  Can this play of  ill will   please God who, by all believers over the world, is regarded as the ultimate source of love and  kindness ?.                          Is it not blasphemous to link His name with such devilish acts and blemish His holy image ?                              Besides sinful sacrilege, these votaries of violence, also indulge in killing the very essence of human values and ethos of the age they live in. Sadist to to the core, they love wrecking havoc on the civilised        world every now and then.      The situation is grave indeed and seems to be going out of control at the hour.  Isn't  there a way out?   Is our age old civilisation doomed to be annihilated?  A dreadful nightmare  to imagine !   Despite the grim situation  prevailing around,I wish to hope (against hope ) that maybe , all is not yet lost.                      The optimist in me  keeps dreaming that sooner or later a day will dawn with the light of reason and good sense that will dispel the darkness of delusion and  bring them back on the path of righteousness .The world will again become a better place for everyone to live in peace , sans  fear .
         In the meantime  ,let us hope so and pray together  !

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