Thursday, 1 October 2015

                                      Ode To a Phoenix 
                              Nestled  in the heart of a blossoming tree 
                                    She had just begun to weave
                                         dreams of a sunny tomorrow.
                             But Fate conspired with Death 
                                  and hatched the most cruel  plot 
                                       to nip her joy in the bud.
                           A bolt from the  blue 
                                  fell on the tree of a sudden,
                                     hitting her nest unawares,
                                         bringing it down to the earth.
                           Too shocked  by the heavy blow  
                               to sense her own wounded self  
                                  she lay petrified, stunned,
in the midst of her broken dreams.  

                                              PHASE TWO
          But long before the deadening loss 
           could kill her  lively spirits 
              she wrang her eyes dry,
                   and rose up from the wreckage
                       to fight  again and brave 
                          all odds that came her way.
        With slow but sure strife  
          she flew through mist and snow
           carving her route to resurrection.
   And  lo ! she made it  at last
       reaching the land of bright sunshine 
           she made her nest on the olive again.
                                                                           Yes, she is there  at last 
                                                                                      A hope reborn, a dream realized 
                                                                                                life revived from dust and ashes!
         Weighing her new grown wings 
              she is ready to map the skies 
                   even beyond the horizon 
                         for  what can be a limit  
                            to a spirit indomitable!
                                                                     And  as she spreads  her wings
                                                                             to take up new flights 
                                                                                leaving the dust of  fear behind

                                        I rub my eyes in wonder  
                                           and ask myself --
                                                                   Does Phoenix belong to legends alone?           



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