Tuesday, 31 January 2017


        Remembering Bapu on the 30th of January

         '' Gandhi is dead ,'' they say
          Is he , indeed ? 

          Well, yes, if death means the end of physical existence 
           He died over six decades ago .   
           Falling to an assassin's bullets
           He became a victim of ruthless hatred
           On that dark January evening
           To the utter shock for millions on  the globe .

           For his life and work was not confined
           To his own country or region
           But extended to the whole of mankind
            That was striving for the right of freedom .

            And despite the physical demise
            His aura couldn't be diminished
            For he wasn't just flesh and blood 
             But a spirit that can never be killed.

             He was not just a mortal being 
             But an ideology personified 
            A philosophy put into practice
            Acknowledged and acclaimed by the world .

            The one who evolved from a simple individual
             Into an institution of peace and good will
             Emanating the message of non-violence
             Kindness and love like the great Buddha.

             The one who practised what he professed
               And fought against unjust  oppressions
              With no other weapon than the Satyagraha -
               Non -violence and  peaceful dissent .

               How can he ever be dead then 
               Who lives in millions of hearts
               That are striving to liberate humanity
               From the clutches of selfish tyrants .

                And to ensure that all  are safe 
                 In a world wreaked with violence
                 Is there any other  option in view 
                  But to follow his proven  principles ?




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