Saturday, 7 January 2017

The clouds and The sun January 7 , 2017

                                                On a dull and dreary day
                                                When the sky was overcast
                                                With dark and dismal clouds
                                                 I felt  upset and  utterly  depressed

                                                Absence of warmth and  sunshine 
                                                 Slowed down the routine business
                                                 The day seemed  longer  than  usual
                                                 As if time had stopped somewhere .
                                                 That made my spirits  sink low  
                                                   Leaving me inactive and  bored 
                                                    Afraid if it would go like this  -
                                                  Devoid of all activities and cheer.

                                                 At  this  moment my mind and heart
                                                 Began chiding me  in perfect  unison 
                                                  '' How come you be such a pessimist 
                                                     Knowing well the wise ways of Nature ?''

                                                    ''Isn't  each night  followed by a day,
                                                     Each cold winter with warm spring air 
                                                    Don't clouds give way to the Sun always
                                                     And cool rain showers replace heat waves ?

                                                 ''   All are but  parts of Nature's calendar
                                                     Planned for the  good of  all creatures
                                                     So why not welcome  each  new  season
                                                      That Nature brings with such concern ?




Picture courtesy--- Wonderful  Colors of Nature  with Swart Ahrid      

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