Saturday, 7 January 2017

The clouds and The sun January 7 , 2017

                                                On a dull and dreary day
                                                When the sky was overcast
                                                With dark and dismal clouds
                                                 I felt  upset and  utterly  depressed

                                                Absence of warmth and  sunshine 
                                                 Slowed down the routine business
                                                 The day seemed  longer  than  usual
                                                 As if time had stopped somewhere .
                                                 That made my spirits  sink low  
                                                   Leaving me inactive and  bored 
                                                    Afraid if it would go like this  -
                                                  Devoid of all activities and cheer.

                                                 At  this  moment my mind and heart
                                                 Began chiding me  in perfect  unison 
                                                  '' How come you be such a pessimist 
                                                     Knowing well the wise ways of Nature ?''

                                                    ''Isn't  each night  followed by a day,
                                                     Each cold winter by warm spring air 
                                                    Don't clouds give way to the Sun always
                                                     And hot summer waves to cool rain showers?

                                                 ''   All are but  parts of Nature's calendar
                                                     Planned for the  good of  all creatures
                                                     So why not welcome and praise each hue
                                                      That Nature fancies to paint us with ? ''




Picture courtesy--- Wonderful  Colors of Nature  with Swart Ahrid      

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