Monday, 16 January 2017


   In Salutation To The Most Renowned Mountain Of The World
                         HIMALAYA  ---  THE ABODE OF SNOW
         Hail to you o majestic Himalaya! 

      Merely  a mountain you never have been 
     Bedecked with the crown of snow-capped peaks 
     Seated like a mighty monarch  in the sky                         
      You calmly dominate the landscape beneath.

Blessed with heavenly grace and charm 
Surrounded by  divine aura from the space
Hiding myriad mysteries in your  folds
 You  are an eternal source of wonder .

Calm and composed you sit  unmoved 
In scorching sun or threatening storms
Like an austere 'yogi'  you   appear
Absorbed forever in deep meditation

You are the one to have witnessed
Countless changes in the life of  men
Right from the  earliest days to the present
Happening  through  long ages on  the earth

   Seekers of spiritual bliss have found
 Their ultimate resort in your serene portals
Scientists from far and wide approach you 
Searching rare minerals and wealth of herbs

     And those with daring spirits  take pride 
     In scaling your steep  challenging  heights
     Lovers of nature are  drawn towards you
     By the sheer magic of your pristine splendour
    Generations of poets and philosophers
     Have sung rich hymns in your honour
     Painters and lensmen  never feel tired 
    In trying to capture your sublime grandeur 

Though not as rich in contents or colours
I place at your feet   these simple verses
Accept  if you please    this  humble offering 
And make me proud of this little venture
Picture credit----- Sumit Pant

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