Monday, 3 October 2016

Peace ---


    She is  truly  a beauteous being 
    With a sweet countenance and .spirit 
     Calm and composed and ever so genial
     Doling out  freely  her  all-embracing love 

     When she is around  you feel secure
      Fearless, comforted and  truly blessed
     With God and Nature providing  you with all 
    To live and prosper with  full contentment

     You may think that she is someone
     Sought after by all and immensely loved 
      As no one can wish to live  in unrest 
      By choosing a life of hateful venture 

     It's  strange enough but sadly true 
     That there are some who do detest her
     And swear to uproot her very existence
     By nasty weapons of violence and terror.

     But I know that this ugly warfare
      Is not going to last for long 
      As forces of  humanity across the world
       Are  up in unison to end this evil.

       And surely, soon  shall Peace prevail 
       With goodwill for all as its core concern 
       As  she alone can  save   mankind 
         Ensuring its perfect wellbeing.


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