Friday, 29 July 2016

Rain , Rain , Go Away........

      Hey Rain  !  A blessing though we call you
     You  bring  not   the same cheer every time
     Why behave so madly  time and again
     Like an enemy swearing vengeance   ?

      True ,   you arrive with soothing relief
      When the earth is all   dried up and parched
      With its creatures  desperate and famished
      Praying God for mercy all day and night .

     Then you descend from the heaven above
       Like  a shower of  nectar sprinkled all over
     Reviving life in the dying   landscape
     By providing it with the timely succor  .

      But this bonhomie does not last long
      As you shed off your sweet countenance
      And  turn      to be deadly hostile
       Unleashing the fury of a callous  marauder .
        And  start unleashing   havoc all around
         Right from the hills to the deep valleys
         Down the fields damaging rich crops
       Ravaging  human habitations with thick populace .

        With thunderous  cloudburst  and wild torrents
        Submerging   village hamlets with overflowing  rivers
         Blocking highways with frequent landslides
         Collapsing houses burying people alive  .

         Trees , men , animals being drowned
        And carried away  by monstrous waters
        Vehicles with  passengers swept away
        Instead of reaching their destined places .

         All this arrogant show of power
          Is to be condemned and sorely despised
         Hence, please stop this  dance of  death
         Destroying the peace and life on the earth   .

        Enough of  all    frightening  sessions
        Now put an end to  this horrid  nightmare
        And let  normalcy resume its place
        To repair and rebuild the  huge damage .

        Else who will ever welcome  you again
        In this ravaged and lifeless land ?
        And who will need your  blessings even
        If no one is left  alive and survive  ?                  


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